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Dylan is an award winning Brisbane based field recordist and sound designer, with extensive experience working in the film and television industry. Dylan has worked on productions for all major Australian broadcasters, along with Netflix, Stan, Disney and Hulu. 


Throughout his career, Dylan’s passion for field recording has taken him across Australia, striving to capture high quality sounds, with a particular interest in recording and preserving Australia's distinct natural soundscapes. 


All libraries are recorded with high quality microphones and recorders, mastered with care and detail, with fellow sound editors and designers in mind.


Stay up to date with future libraries, behind the scenes photos and recording snippets at dylanbarfieldsound instagram.

Head to IMDb for a full list of long form credits. Download CV.

Please do get in touch if you've got any feedback, queries or suggestions.

Multi use licenses are available as are specific sound files. 



Contact me:

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