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Australian Bush Soundscapes

Australian Bush Soundscapes is a collection of rich natural ambiences recorded across Australia. It covers a vast array of landscapes, from the dry arid bushland of Northern Australia, to wet rainforests along the east coast, busy heathlands of Queensland and rich reverberant tall forests of Tasmania. Recorded with high quality microphones and recorders, Australian Bush Soundscapes offers a large collection of birdsong, insects, and amphibians ranging from dawn choruses to nighttime ambiences. 


-Recordings from each state and territory of Australia except SA and ACT. 


-Universal Catagory System compliant.


-Full Soundminer Metadata.


-Over 7.5 hours of Australian ambiences.


-24 bit, 48 and 96kHz WAV.


Australian Bush Soundscapes

SKU: 001
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